What is AppCoins (APPC) Cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency AppCoins (APPC)

Cryptocurrency APPC is a digital token of the platform for mobile applications that is based on blockchain technology. This platform will have the name Appcoins, and will be decentralized.

Development of the application Appcoins is engaged in the company Aptoide, which has a similar program with 200 million active users.

Features of cryptocurrency AppCoins

In the current market of downloading smartphone applications, there is a problem – it is inefficient economic using. Placed advertising on smartphones, almost nobody perceived, and simply switched. To change this approach, the AppCoins team wants to create a model in which the promotion of its own applications will be profitable and effective.

Let’s try to explain how the AppCoins platform will work. Imagine that you have developed an app for your smartphone. You need to download as many users as possible to promote it. You place it in the store AppCoins, and set the following conditions: “For each installation of the application on a smartphone, you are ready to pay the platform $1”. After that, the platform will recommend its users to install your application. For each installation, the platform will pay the user $0.85, and the remainder, it will pick up itself.

It seems to us that this is a very attractive site for developers.

It is still important to say that the project AppCoins is built on blockchain of Ether, which means the using of smart contracts. They will control the transparency of financial relations in AppCoins.

Prospects of cryptocurrency AppCoins

We believe that the AppCoins project has good prospects in order to occupy a niche in a fairly competitive environment. Platform Aptoide, which, by the way, already uses tokens APPC, will provide a help in promoting cryptocurrency APPC.

Cryptocurrency AppCoins has a very good potential for growth, so investments can give about 1000% profit in the cut of 1 year.

Where to buy cryptocurrency AppCoins

The most popular place to buy cryptocurrency in 2018 is the exchange Binance. The total capitalization of the project is 30 million dollars with the total turnover of tokens in the amount of 100 000 000 pieces.

Chart and Price AppCoins (APPC)

We present to your attention the Odyssey chart, which depicts the APPC rate to the dollar.


In conclusion, we can say that the platform AppCoins, will be a good alternative to the existing advertising to promote mobile applications. More information about AppCoins, you can find on the official site – appcoins.io.


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