What is APEX (CPX) Cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency APEX (CPX)

Cryptocurrency APEX is a digital token of a decentralized exchange that allows users to have more secure rights to own their assets. The ecosystem of cryptocurrency APEX will allow users to transfer their own data directly, without the use of intermediaries. In this way, the APEX command tries to solve the problem of leaking sensitive data, such as phone number, e-mail, mail, name, etc., to third parties who can resell it.

It is important to note that the APEX platform uses blockchain NEO.

Features of APEX platform

In addition to the data transfer platform, the team integrates the CPX wallet into the platform, which can be used to perform token operations. The blockchain technology will be the backbone of the APEX platform and will ensure the confidentiality and reliability of the platform. All operations performed on the platform will be controlled by smart contracts.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency APEX

Although the APEX project conducted its ICO in mid-January 2018, they have already managed to partner with companies such as Aalibaba Cloud, Neo, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Accelerator, Oracle, and Microsoft Azure. Another factor that speaks about the prospects of the project is the team of its creators. Previously, they were working on the ChinaPEX project.

Where to buy cryptocurrency APEX

APEX tokens have a trading toker CPX, and at the moment, they are not yet traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Now, you can buy them on the lbank. The capitalization of the project is also not yet possible to evaluate.


Friends, given all the above written, we can say that the project APEX has a very good chance to become popular. However, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of problems in solving the assigned tasks.

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