What is Ambrosus (AMB) Cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Ambrosus (AMB)

Cryptocurrency Ambrosus is an ecosystem created on blockchain of Ethereum, with its internal AMB tokens, which makes innovations in medicine and food sphere. AMB tokens will be used to perform settlements between users. According to the ideas of developers, their platform will be engaged in product accounting using 3 technologies:

– Sensor technology;

– Blockchain;

– Smart contracts.

Swiss developers are creating the project, which makes us hope for a good outcome in the implementation of Ambrosus.

Features of the Ambrosus project

First of all, the platform is focused on the market of food industry, and after successful introduction in this sector, will follow expansion into the pharmaceutical industry. The essence of the project is that immediately after the production of the product, it will be assigned a special ID number and will be added to the blockchain ecosystem. After that, all movement of the product will be recorded in blockchain sensor sensors until the product reaches the end user.

Since the Ambrosus platform is built on blockchain of Ethereum, it will be able to interact with other decentralized applications implemented on this database. The developers of Ambrosus believe that due to their platform, the problem of low quality as well as overdue products can be solved.

Perspectives of cryptocurrency Ambrosus (AMB)

The development of this project will greatly help the society in one of the most important areas of our life – food. Now, there are no projects in the market that have been sharpened under exactly the same market segment. Yes, there are projects WaBi, Walton – but, they are a bit different. Outlook would have been a little easier if the project team had published its roadmap. However, in order to get away from speculation, they decided not to do so. They can be understood, because the sensor technology, which will be used in Ambrosus, is very difficult to implement.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Ambrosus

Cryptocurrency Ambrosus (AMB), just like most other cryptocurrency can be bought at the Binance exchange. At the time of writing the review, its cost is 28 cents. The maximum value of Ambrosus exceeded the Mark $1.5. Capitalization of the project – 5 875 BTC.

Chart and Price Ambrosus (AMB)

We present to your attention the Ambrosus chart, which depicts the AMB rate to the dollar.


Friends, at the end of 2017, the developers released an alpha version of the platform, with a sensory identification system and payment gateways. This is a good signal to the fact that in the near future, the food industry will have a progressive platform.


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