What is AirSwap (AST) cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency AirSwap

Cryptocurrency AirSwap is a digital asset that acts internally for an AirSwap token platform. The AirSwap platform is a cryptocurrency exchange based on blockchain, which indicates its decentralized system of work. The work of the exchange is accentuated by Ethereum tokens, and developers of AirSwap invented several original solutions to differ from the platforms offering similar solutions.

Features of cryptocurrency AirSwap

Despite the similarity in functionality with other exchanges that provide the ability to trade ERC20 tokens, AirSwap has a number of differences. The main difference AirSwap is the principle of trade, which is something similar to an exchanger. Parties, it is necessary to agree on the details of the transaction outside blockchain, and the result of their contract will be placed in blockchain. On this principle, i.e. when all “negotiations” between the parties are held outside the blockchain, and only the results of negotiations are recorded, all the processes on the platform occur.

In addition, all activities carried out on the AirSwap platform will be completely confidential and all counterparties will be equal. This will avoid interference of 3 persons in the relationship of two parties.

Prospects of cryptocurrency AirSwap

In the present time, decentralized sites providing the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies have demand. Yes, what to say, even some ordinary exchanges try to keep up with the times and go to blockchain. It is difficult to talk about the potential of AirSwap, as it has a great competition from the Kyber Network and 0x. However, the fact that decentralized exchanges will be in demand, notes a number of analysts.

The roadmap of the AirSwap project indicates that the major part of their development falls in 2018, in which they implement all the functionality of the platform. It is worth mentioning a highly qualified team working on AirSwap.

Where to buy cryptocurrency AirSwap

AirSwap tokens you can buy at the Binance exchange for $0.25 dollars per piece. Cryptocurrency AirSwap for quite a long time trading on the stock exchanges, so during this time its price was much higher than the mark, which we indicated above. During the sharp rise in prices in January 2018, the cost of one AST token exceeded 2 dollars. 

Chart and Price AirSwap (AST)

We present to your attention the Odyssey chart, which depicts the AST rate to the dollar.


Having read a lot of information about cryptocurrency AirSwap, we did not have an opinion that it is worth investing. However, this is only our subjective opinion.

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