What is Aetenity

Aetenity project is a decentralized platform that will differ in its transaction throughput, smart contracts, and oracle sets. According to Janaslava Malakhova, who is the founder of Aetenity – this project is able to solve any problem in one step, like a Turing machine with an oracle. Most likely, after the last sentence, you swam a little, but we will now try to explain.

The Turing machine with the oracle is an imaginary, i.e., non-existent mechanism that can solve and retest any task assigned to it. The oracle used in this machine foresees the right solution, after which the Turing machine has only to check the correctness of the result. Imagine what would happen if something like that existed in the world? So, we were a little distracted by the explanation of the term, but let’s continue.

Advantages of Aetenity before similar projects

Smart contracts of Aetenity are differed from smart contracts of Ethereum. The fact that the first ones do not record all transaction data in blockchain, which provides less load on it and solves the problem of network scalability. Data is exchanged through a decentralized application. Such a model will deter fraudulent operations, because the details of transactions can be published at any time.

Smart contracts of Aetenity use data from independent oracles that provide up-to-date information in a smart contract. Oracles in Aetenity are independent data sources that interact with blockchain.

What can be done on the basis of Aetenity platform

Aetenity platform is multifunctional, because it offers a number of applications, such as AEpp Store, which is based on the principle of the same oracle, and can be used by the creators of applications as a tool-predictor for applications.

In addition, on the basis of Aetenity can make applications on the similarity:

– Payment system based on nano-and micro-payments;

– Seems outcome of the event platform;

– Video games, such chess, poker and other;

– Polygraph;

– Crowdfunding platforms.

Technical features of the Aetenity platform

Official site –

Year of foundation – 2016

Protection method – Proof of Work

Algorithm – Cuckoo Cucle

Trading ticker – AE

Capitalization – $181 000 000

Cost AE – $0.78

Maximum emission – 273 685 000 AE

Using AE tokens based on ERC20, all calculations are made in the Aetenity network. You can buy AE tokens on the exchanges of Binance, Liqui, HitBTC и

Aetenity Platform Perspectives

Today, the Aetenity platform is still under development, but in the near future, the developers plan to move all the work in blockchain and create special wallets to store the tokens AE. The launch of the Aetenity platform is planned for the 1st quarter of 2018, that is when we plan to take off the cost of AE to 2-3 dollars per token.


To be honest, then starting to write this article, we did not even think that we will be able to understand what it is, and how the Aetenity platform will work, but you know the understanding came to us. And you, having read the article, were able to understand a bit what functionality offers Aetenity? Write about it in the comments. That is all, friends, until tomorrow.



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