What is Achain (ACT) Cryptocurrency?




What is cryptocurrency Achain (ACT)

Cryptocurrency ACT is a digital token based on blockchain platform for creating smart contracts and creating decentralized applications. All operations on the Achain platform will be performed through its own token. The more operations will be performed on the platform, the higher will be its cost.

Features of the Achain platform

Since the idea of creating a platform for business, where it will be possible to create smart contracts, and conclude transactions between contractors, is not new. Stand out Achain failed, but a few features, we can to note, yet.

The first thing we would like to note is the network bandwidth, which enables the platform to process more than 1000 requests per second. The second aspect of the Achain platform is the creation of a modular system by which developers can work simultaneously on multiple projects. The third feature of Achain is the underlying model of Proof of Stake, which has additional regulation from the smart contract Turing.

Prospects of cryptocurrency Achain

About the prospects of this cryptocurrency, we can say, as a minimum, that there are. But what they are – it’s a question. In favor of this project, say its awards and recognition at Asian conferences. Well, this is an important aspect.

Recently, we see a heightened hype in the trade of Achain tokens. Daily the volume of trades on different exchanges is about 32%, with an average of 10%. This gives us a reason to assume that the value of the ACT tokens may be rising soon.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Achain

Cryptocurrency Achain, for quite a long time, is trading on the Huobi exchange. There, you will be able to purchase 1 ACT token for 28 cents. At its peak, the 1 ACT stood $1.37. The capitalization of the project is equal to 133 million dollars.

Chart and Price Achain (ACT)

We present to your attention the Achain chart, which depicts the ACT rate to Bitcoin.


Dear friends, please tell me your assumption about how does the Achain cryptocurrency output affect on the Cobinhood exchange, and increased trade activity, will affect on its value?

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