What is 0х (ZRX) Cryptocurrency?



What is cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX)

Cryptocurrency 0x (ZRX) is an open source protocol created on the basis of smart contracts of Ethereum. Thanks to 0x (ZRX) – developers can develop their decentralized exchanges (DEX) and take commissions for their services. In other words, the 0x project is not only a ready-made exchange site, but a nucleus for their creation.

Difference between 0x (ZRX) from centralized services

The difference between the 0x platform and the centralized exchanges is rather sharp. The 0x platform does not require registration because it is a protocol, not a custom application. The central side cannot be compromised or subjected to regulation, and this is a huge advantage. A competitor to the 0x platform is the Kyber Network platform.

ICO of 0x project (ZRX)

0x project team attracted funds for project development via ICO. The sale of tokens 0x (ZRX) on the ICO was held 15-16 August, during which it was sold tokens for $24 million dollars. 0x tokens (ZRX) are based on the ERC20 protocol, so they can be easily integrated with other tokens using the database. 0x tokens (ZRX) were distributed as follows:

Total number of tokens – 1 000 000 000 ZRX

Shared access – 500 000 000 ZRX

Developers own – 150 000 000 ZRX

Founders own – 150 000 000 ZRX

Early investors own – 100 000 000 ZRX

Founders of the project have – 100 000 000 ZRX

Where to buy 0x tokens (ZRX)

Today, tokens 0x (ZRX) are traded on many exchanges, including one of the most popular – Binance

Chart and Price 0x (ZRX)

We present you 0x chart, which depicts the ZRX rate to the dollar.


0x team includes professionals in the field of trading and investment in financial instruments, as well as professional techies. The 0x gang is headed by Amir Bandeali and Will Warren. On the official website – 0xproject.com, you can get acquainted with the development team in detail, as well as see the projects that are ready to integrate it into their services. Among such projects are Aragon, Augur, Melonport and others. In general, 0x is a project that is needed for cryptocurrency. Friends, on this we will finish our review of the project 0x (ZRX), goodbye.


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