What is Bitcoin Dark in simple words?


The world of cryptocurrency is very diverse, here except altcoins, which are more than 800 pieces, there is a whole community of bitcoins – Bitcoin, bitcoin Cash, bitcoin Plus, bitcoin Scrypt, bitcoin Dark, bitcoin 21, bitcoin TX, Bitcoin Fast, by the way, you knew that they are 8 pieces, but they all are altcoins, not forks the first world cryptocurrency. In addition, in today’s article, we decided to introduce you to cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dark.

The concept of cryptocurrency Bitcoindark corresponds to the original concept of Bitcoin that means Bitcoindark decentralized currency. However, in general, the project includes many other features that make bitcoindark different from their big brother. For example, Bitcoindark developers create a new technology in the world of digital currencies called Teleport technology. Although this technology is still under development, it will allow it to become anonymous.

In addition, the development team also creates a “shared cryptocurrency supernet” Where developers of different cryptocurrency can share, collaborate, and access open-source Bitcoindark tools.

Now the capitalization of cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dark for 04.09.2017 year is $127,088,642, and the price of one coin equals 98.61 US dollar. The record figure for these criteria was 129 million US dollars-capitalization, and $100.25 – the price of the coin.

Trade name cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dark – BTCD, and they btcds currently traded on the exchanges Bittrex, Atomic Trade, Cryptsy and Poloniex.

Due to the fact that this digital currency calls itself “Anonymous cryptocurrency of the next generation “– it allows it to get the status of a very promising cryptocurrency, the price of which jumps every day, but it features almost all cryptocurrency.

More information about Bitcoin Dark, you can hardly find somewhere.


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