What is Decred (DCR) cryptocurrency?

What is cryptocurrency Decred

Cryptocurrency Decred is an altcoin that was created as part of the Bitcoin development team, uniting the best features of Bitcoin and corrected the most important “digital gold” errors, such as block scalability and others. Cryptocurrency Decred combines the algorithms of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work, which belongs the network Decred balance, but such a mix of algorithms is not new in the crypto projects market.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Decred

Official site –

Year of foundation – 2016

Work Algorithm – blake256

Protection Method – PoW | PoS

Trade name – DCR

Maximum emission – 21 000 000 DCR

The advantage of cryptocurrency Decred

In order to name the advantages of any cryptocurrency or cryptographic project, it is necessary to specify with which project or currency, we make a comparison. In this article, we will compare Decred with Bitcoin.

The main advantage of Decred before Bitcoin is decentralization. Yes, you did not think, it is decentralization, because every day cryptocurrency Bitcoin is less decentralized, and lends itself to more control by a certain team miners.

The second advantage is the availability of mining. We will not talk much about mining, but we shall touch on this topic in brief. Mining cryptocurrency Decred is available using conventional video cards, which makes it more affordable than Bitcoin mining, which is only relevant with the help of special equipment.

Using the Proof of Stake method gives the Decred network a third advantage. With the PoS algorithm, the Decred community should accept all the innovations proposed by developers to improve the network. This allows you to make only the improvements that are really needed by users and DCR holders.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Decred

Now, cryptocurrency Decred can be bought at the exchanges Poloniex, Cryptopia and Bittrex, as well as through the official purse Decred, which can be opened through the official website of the project, downloading the installation file of the wallet Decred to your computer. Trades cryptocurrency Decred on the above exchanges are paired with Bitcoin, and the daily turnover of trades is more than 1 million dollars.

Chart and Price Decred (DCR)

We present to your attention the Decred chart, which depicts the DCR rate to the dollar.


At the end of the review, cryptocurrency Decred would like to add that this project is fully funded from the pocket of its developers, and not with the help of all the usual way ICO. How to evaluate this fact, we do not know yet, but the fact that the developers of Decred bind themselves to the development of the head of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, makes a very good marketing push for its development.

Looking at the roadmap of cryptocurrency Decred, we can say that developers have time to fulfill their plans, although there are some delays. As for the prospects of cryptocurrency Decred, according to the same road map, in late 2017 and early 2018 the developers implement their plans to life, which will allow cryptocurrency to increase its value.

If all the plans planned by the creators become a reality, by the middle of 2018, we can see the cost of one coin Decred in the area of 50 dollars. On this all dear friends.

What is Cryptocurrency Walton (WTC)?


What is Walton (WTC)

Walton is a trustworthy business ecosystem with complete transparency and data exchange. For those who do not understand what the business ecosystem is, we will try to interpret.

Business ecosystem – a jointly developing community of actors, including competitors and partners, which creates something new in the process of interaction (cooperation).

The Walton project received its name in honor of Charles Walton’s brilliant man invented RFID technology, through which data is transmitted and exchanged in the Walton network.

RFID technology means a way to identify an object by means of radio signals that can read or write information located in the so-called RFID beacons. Now the most popular places, where this technology is used, are: contactless cards in control systems, QR code, payment systems, etc.

The main chain in the Walton network, on which the data exchange will occur, is called Waltonchain. More technical information about the work of Walton on the Internet is not available yet, so we have to wait for further promotion of the project Walton on the market. However, one thing is clear that the business will open new opportunities if it can identify its technological trend and correctly enter the digital world. This business opportunity is provided by the Walton project. Let’s highlight the main technical advantages of the Walton network:

– High safety;

– Possibility to trace the source;

– Combating plagiarism and counterfeiting;

– Reduction of labor costs.

The Walton project has a capitalization of $170 000 000 and its own digital token, the cost of which is at the moment equal to $6.68. The total number of tokens, which will be released equal to 100 million, and you can buy them at the exchange Binance, it is there is 95% of trades on this token. The Walton token has a trade name WTC and can be applied as a digital currency or a transfer value method. In addition, WTC serves as a unit of measure on the Internet of things.

The team of Walton collected very authoritative Chinese and Korean specialists, including a representative of big business, experts in the field of blockchain and the internet of things. You can find out more about the Walton team at their official website.

Prospects of the Walton project

Undoubtedly, this project carries in itself some revolutionary breath of air for all business community. The transition of business to the digital world can not be avoided, so sooner or later it will happen, and the project Walton will be exactly the platform that will serve as a “teleport”. We think that in the next half of the year, the cost of WTC will be equal to 3 dollars for one token.

Chart and Price Walton (WTC)

We present to your attention the Walton chart, which depicts the WTC rate to the dollar.


We have already bought a few dozen tokens of WTC and expect their growth, but in any case do not advise you to do it, because investing in such assets carries an increased risk. On this all dear friends, if you want to know what cryptocurrencies projects we are betting in 2018, then read this article. See you on the pages of our blog.

What is Tether (USDT) Cryptocurrency?


About Tether project

Tether is the first company in the world that created a platform where it combined the functions of cryptocurrency and fiats. Project Tether works on the technology blockchain, developers Tether for their project took blockchain Bitcoin, and so it is fully protected. Like any cryptocurrency, Tether has no issuer, and is completely decentralized, allowing anyone to purchase it.

What is cryptocurrency Tether (USDT)

Cryptocurrency Tether is an ordinary digital asset, the exclusive feature of which is the use of digital equivalents of real currencies. Thanks to such features, cryptocurrency Tether is freed from speculative moments, which to some extent deter people from the crypto sphere.

The Tether platform is able to convert US dollars, euros and Japanese yen to cryptocurrency under the name Tether. In this case, Tether has a hundred percent security of its coins, i.e. 1 USDT – Tether coin has such ticker, equal to 1 USD. And 1 Eurt equals 1 EUR, as you see the ticker cryptocurrency varies depending on the currency, which is converted to the currency name, the letter “T” is added.

Benefits of cryptocurrency Tether (USDT)

Blockchain technology allows Tether to use the best cryptocurrency features: anonymity, transaction speed, transparency and reliability. In this case, binding cryptocurrency Tether to a particular currency gives a clear understanding of the number of fiats in your account. In other words, you use the benefits of cryptocurrency, using the usual money.

Wallet of cryptocurrency Tether (USDT)

Developers have created their own, a native web wallet Tether and added a mobile application to it. Tether wallet performs the functions of a regular cryptocurrency wallet, with which you can store, send and receive cryptocurrency. The minimum amount for deposit and withdrawal is 1 unit, and the commissions for these operations are not charged. In addition to the “native” wallet, Tether support other popular resources, such as the purse Coinomi and such exchanges as Binance, HitBTC, Bittrex.

Chart and Price Tether (USDT)

We present to your attention the Tether chart, which depicts the USDT rate to the dollar.


The project Tether and its eponymous cryptocurrency is a project that will be able to attract more and more insecure and fearing people to the sphere of cryptocurrency. After all, the storage of money in cryptocurrency Tether does not carry absolutely no risks. Thanks to its approach, Tether provides the opportunity for companies to use maximum business opportunities, relieving themselves of the headache of how to send a payment. Our opinion, cryptocurrency Tether is an angel, among cryptocurrencies.

What is cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) in simple words?

What is cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN)

Cryptocurrency Electroneum is an anonymous cryptocurrency, working on his blokchain in the basis of which “lay down” blockchain of cryptocurrency Bytecoin. Cryptocurrency Electroneum was launched in 2017 by a team of developers, led by Richard Ells, who wanted to create a cryptocurrency for the smartphone market, or rather for the games and applications used by these devices. However, the beginning of creation of cryptocurrency Electroneum was started in 2016, but due to lack of financing cryptocurrency could not appear faster. It was in early 2017 that the team conducted the ICO and collected money for the development of projects, but through time again appeared a problem, which was the name of the project. Initially, the project had a working name Electron, but it was impossible to use it due to the presence of a project on the market with the same name. After short meetings, the developers decided to change the name to Electroneum, which we are now seeing.

The essence of cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN)

Having read the first section of our article, you hardly have a picture, for what exactly it is necessary cryptocurrency Electroneum; therefore, here we will try to reveal a phenomenon of the considered cryptocurrency. However, to call it a phenomenon is not quite right, because in fact nothing supernatural Electroneum is not in itself, it is simply cryptocurrency for calculations in mobile games and applications. Now Electroneum support both Android and IOs.

Advantages of Electroneum before Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has a limited emission of 21 million coins, which greatly cuts Bitcoin coin into pieces, and we see very uncomfortable quotes. Cryptocurrency Electroneum is limited to 21 billion coins, which makes it possible to use only two digits after a comma, just like in quotes of fiat currencies.

Mining cryptocurrency Electroneum is very simple and accessible, even people who do not possess powerful computers can do it. You can perform mining Electroneum even in the background mode of the computer. However, there is another distinctive point that is the following. Since Electroneum is designed for use by smartphones, its mining is possible via “handset”. I wonder, isn’t it? Imagine what would have happened if Bitcoin could be used on a smartphone.

Transaction speed cryptocurrency Electroneum it, too, its distinctive feature. In addition to speed, Electroneum transactions can be made directly between mobile applications or games.

Cryptocurrency Electroneum – plans for the future

The money that Electroneum was able to attract with the help of crowd funding will be used to promote the brand in social networks, for the introduction of online stores and mobile applications, as well as to create attractive users and businesspersons of brand. To make the project even more successful, the development team wants to release its software for game consoles. In the plans of developers and localization of software for more than 30 countries of the world.

Prospects cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN)

Given the fact that around 2 billion smartphones are used in the world, it opens up a huge field for the project to work with such goals as Electroneum. If developers can implement all the planned plans, among which the creation of cooperation with such titans companies as the Google and Facebook, the growth of the cost of Electroneum will be inevitable.

Chart and Price Electroneum (ETN)

We present to your attention the Odyssey chart, which depicts the ETN rate to Bitcoin.


In the end, i would like to note that the capitalization of the Electroneum project is unknown, so at least it shows the Coinmarketcap rating. The cost of one coin Electroneum, which carries the ticker ETN, is equal to 3 cents. On this note, we will finish the review of cryptocurrency Electroneum, but in the end let’s say that we will spend a few tens of dollars that buy ETN on the exchange Cryptopia.

What is Maidsafecoin (MAID) in simple words?


What is cryptocurrency Maidsafecoin

Maidsafecoin (MAID) is a decentralized application development platform based on the Bitcoin Blockchain, using the proof of resources protocol, or the evidence of a resource. The Maidsafecoin network forms separate personal computers located all over the world, which provide storage space for network files and computational power for the operation of the Maidsafe network.

Within the Maidsafe network, there are “money” units that are paid to network members for the provision of their resources. They are called Safecoin. The number of accrued Safecoin depends on different factors: the CPU capacity, the provided memory and the time spent on the network. Safecoin coins are intended exclusively for use within the network, namely for the purchase of Maidsafe services, such as disk space, etc.

History of creation of Maidsafecoin (MAID)

The Maidsafecoin platform was created by British David Irwin, it was developed for about 10 years, and the launch of the official alpha version occurred only 3 years ago. The first confirmed online transaction was dated April 22, 2014. The main purpose of creating a network Maidsafecoin, is to create a decentralized internet, without using a centralized server, which can be attacked by hackers.

The name of the network is also created not just because the word safe, which is the root of the title, is decrypted as Secure Access for Everyone – safe for everyone. The information stored in the Maidsafe network can be static, dynamic, graphic in general, without any difference, it will still be encrypted with the digital signature of the client, which can only be decrypted by the user.

Technical characteristics of cryptocurrency Maidsafecoin (MAID)

Official Site –

Year of foundation – 2014

Protection Method – Proof of Resources

Trade name – MAID

Capitalization – $177 000 000

Cost of MAID – $0.38

Maximum emission – 4.3 billion MAID

Features of Maidsafecoin Network

The main feature of the network Maidsafecoin is the system on which it is built Peer2peer, which was developed since 2006, even before the advent of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The main advantages of Maidsafecoin are instant transactions, no transaction fees.

The Maidsafecoin network can be used to create various applications, examples of which are provided in the list below:

– creation of mail;

– watching movies;

– cloud storage of data;

– social networks, etc.

All members of the network can be divided into two categories: builders and farmers, more about each of them read below.

Builders are members of the Maidsafecoin network that earn Safecoin coins for using the applications created within the network. Remuneration of Maidsafe builders are determined by participants.

Farmers are members of the Maidsafecoin network that lease part of their Maidsafe network equipment that will be used to store user data.


Let’s sum up, in “face” Maidsafecoin we have a fully protected and anonymous platform for data storage and application development. The peak of popularity of the project Maidsafecoin fell in September, 2017 when its capitalization exceeded the current in 2 times, and the cost of one coin MAID was equal to 80 cents. If we failed to reveal the essence of this project, read the article about Siakoin, they are very similar to each other. On this all dear friends, if you want to know more information about Maidsafecoin write about it in the comments.

What is Cryptocurrency aelf (ELF)


What is cryptocurrency Aelf (ELF)

Cryptocurrency Aelf (ELF) is a digital platform token that works to create a site that can combine decentralized applications in one place. Aelf developers want to apply their development on the Internet of things, financial sector, insurance and digital identification. This development will contribute to the development of new startups and will begin to introduce the existing business with the blockchain technology.

The Aelf platform is a blockchain of the third generation.

Features of cryptocurrency Aelf (ELF) 

The main feature that lies at the core of the Aelf platform are sidechains. Thanks to the application of several levels of sidechains, the Aelf platform can simultaneously work on several tasks. This allows the network to be as efficient as possible by allocating tasks between multiple sidechains.

On the official site of the project presented the following scheme of the platform.


Prospects of cryptocurrency Aelf (ELF) 

The project Aelf has very good prospects, but to start normal work, developers will have to work a lot. In February 2018, the team will start testing the platform core, after which the release of its own operating system will be released in May. The full launch of the platform is scheduled for early 2019.

If the creators of cryptocurrency Aelf will be able to implement all the ideas we have conceived, we will get another platform that can bring together many decentralized applications in one place.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Aelf (ELF) 

25% of the trades of cryptocurrency Aelf, which has a ticker ELF pass on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. You can buy ELF both for BTC and for ETH.

Chart and Price Aelf (ELF)

We present to your attention the Aelf chart, which depicts the ELF rate to the dollar.


Platform Aelf in its functionality is very similar to the project Cardano, so, to understand the perspectives of ideologies that are inside of them, you need to follow these projects. That’s all, if you like what we do, subscribe to our social networks to create your bitbetnews community.

What is Komodo (KMD) in simple words?

Cryptocurrency Komodo (KMD) is, without flattery, the safest cryptocurrency in the world, as it uses a mechanism of consensus delayed proof of work (DPOW), which is based on notarial nodes.

A node or host is a device that is connected to other devices through a network. A node is a device that has its own “white” IP address that is capable of exchanging data.

It is these nodes give the right to cryptocurrency Komodo, considered the safest and most resistant to hacker attacks. Also, this model of work gives the opportunity to create anonymous transactions protected by technology Zcash’s Zero Knowledge Proof.

Developers of cryptocurrency Komodo are considered to be the developers of cryptocurrency, which we wrote earlier – Bitcoin Dark. Therefore, they are based on the same concept: anonymity and security, and in the future, all investors who are holders of Bitcoin dark coins, will be able to exchange them for cryptocurrency Komodo coins.

Initially, the number of cryptocurrency Komodo coins was equal to 100 million, of which 10 million were reserved specifically for developers and promotional purposes, and 90 million coins were distributed among the ICO investors. But the total number of coins is 200 million, the second hundred, can be obtained by mining.

Capitalization of cryptocurrency Komodo – $ 265 691 611

Price once token – $2, 63

Average daily turnover – $ 8 000 000

Official site –

Current information about the cost and capitalization of the market cryptocurrency, you can watch on the site – this is a very useful resource for any crypto dependent person.

What is cryptocurrency Bytom (BTM) in simple words?

What is Bytom (BTM)

Bytom (BTM) is another Chinese project based on byte assets. The aim of the Bytom project is to bring the external world into the digital world and to tokenize all assets of the real sector. Within the Bytom project, there are two types of byte assets: elementary byte assets and external byte assets.

Elementary byte assets in the Bytom network are financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and other derivatives that have been translated into bytes and implemented in blockchain.

External byte assets in the Bytom network are the root tokens and cryptocurrency inside the Bytom blockchain.

Given the fact that the digital world has just begun to develop, elementary assets have dominated the external, but in the near future, perhaps the equation of popularity between these two types of assets. The Bytom project is just going to do it, and it will popularize the byte environment.

There are three types of primitive and external byte assets:

– Some profitable assets, such as property;

– So-called equity assets, in the digital world – tokens, in the real world – shares;

– The last type-bonds.

Technical characteristics of Bytom (BTM)

Official Site –

Year of foundation – 2017

Trade name – BTM

Protection method – Proof of Work

How to use cryptocurrency Bytom (BTM)

Like every blockchain project, the Bytom project has its own internal cryptocurrency called BTM. Using BTM in the Bytom network, you can perform the following functions:

  • Use for payment of commissions;
  • Use as payment of dividends;
  • Use as collateral for Bytom network assets.

Based on the fact that Bytom works on blockchain of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, BTC can also be used in the network. The conversion of BTC to BTM will occur automatically.

Bytom Team

On the project Bytom works a team that consists exclusively of Chinese. The first 3 faces of the Bytom project look like this: Chang Jia is the founder of the most popular resource about blockchain technologies in China. Lang Yu is a master of computer science from one of the Chinese universities, working in Alipay, 8 BTC and Duan Xinxing is co-founder of Bytom, executive director of 8 BTC and vice president of the Okcoin Exchange.

The Bytom team wants to become the first blockchain platform to “byte out” and as a result to tokenize all the assets. To do this, they created 3-level blockchain:

– 1st level: level of interaction;

– 2nd level: control level;

– 3rd Level: data transfer level.

Chart and Price Bytom (BTM)

We present to your attention the Bytom chart, which depicts the BTM rate to Bitcoin.


If the founders and executors of the project can realize their goals, it will be one more step towards the digital world. But as it seems to us, this project, in the near future will not be so popular, as for example the project TenX, therefore its cryptocurrency BTM will not differ special volatility and rapid growth, though it is cryptocurrency, and to predict them is very difficult. Therefore, we will refrain from comments and predictions.

Cryptocurrency Verge (XVG). News. Forecast. To buy


What is cryptocurrency Verge

Cryptocurrency Verge is a cryptocurrency that was created along the lines of Bitcoin, but with a number of improvements. The main distinctive feature of Verge is its anonymity, which is achieved by i2P and TOR technologies. You can read more information about these technologies in our first article about Verge.

Despite the fact that its publicity, cryptocurrency Verge acquired only in the last couple of months, it was developed back in 2014. However, initially it had the name Dogecoin Dark – a mixture of names Dogecoin and DASH, and it was renamed to Verge only two years ago.

It is also important to note that the network supports by Proof of Work, and by encryption algorithms: Scrypt, X17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl and blake2s, which help to work with different settings of the mining analysis.

News of cryptocurrency Verge

The most important news, which are waiting for cryptocurrency Verge in the first quarter of 2018, will be the update of the manual, which present the new official website and roadmap. In addition, for the Verge community to be aware of everything happening in the project, they will create a blog, where the official news. Therefore, we can assume that the volatility of cryptocurrency Verge in the second quarter will be much stronger.

Where to buy Verge

As of 25.01.2018, the rate of cryptocurrency Verge is $0.091986 with the total capitalization of the project $1.335 bn. One of the most popular exchanges for the purchase of cryptocurrency Verge is the exchange Binance.

Cryptocurrency Verge. Forecast for 2018.

In our first review, we said that we do not see any prospects in the project Verge, but we recognize – we were wrong. Our prediction cryptocurrency Verge is that by the end of 2018, the cost of one coin will be above $2.5. This forecast is based on observations of crypto community attitude to this project – traders, very fond and support Verge. Since, the cost of cryptocurrency directly depends on the demand for it.


Here is a summary of the review of cryptocurrency Verge from the blog bitbetnews, your opinion of it, you can write in the comments below.

What is Ardor (ARDR) cryptocurrency?


What is cryptocurrency Ardor

The Ardor (ARDR) project is a project developed by the creators of the NXT project and is considered to be the next stage, which is why you can see the similarity between the two projects. Ardor is an ecosystem based on Blockchain offers convenient network scaling options and has a convenient setting for business.

Ardor  platform capabilities

As we have already said, the Ardor ecosystem solves two problems, and accordingly gives new opportunities for the network.

Scaling solutions. Any blockchain, has a tendency to growth, and in this connection its work slows down. To solve this problem, the developers of Ardor made two chains: the parent-Ardor, and the child-Ignis. Chain Ardor is responsible for network security and does not have a large functionality, and Ignis has all the necessary functionality to build the necessary capabilities of the network.

Set up for business. Ardor is an ecosystem that wants to be easy to understand and reliable for business development. To do this, Ardor uses “Blockchain as a Service”, which is ready to install and run. Ardor wants to be something similar to a business like becoming a WordPress developer for sites. Using Ardor, any company or enterprise, will be able to create their coins, for the translations of which they will receive their commission, and for their work to choose only the necessary functions.

Technical features of cryptocurrency Ardor

Official site –;

Year of foundation – 2016;

Protection method – Proof of Stake;

Trade name – Ardr;

The maximum emission is 1 000 000 000 ardr;

Development of the Ardor project

The Ardor project is a multi-structural and very complex project that will take time to implement. That is why Ardor developers have broken their activities into stages, which came out 4:

1-st stage. Creation of both chains of the network (Ardor and Ignis);

2-nd stage. Release of the test version of Ardor;

3-rd stage. Testing of Ardor functionality;

4-th stage. The final stage, which allows to correct errors and introduce the lack of functionality in the network Ardor.

You can read more about the promotion and plans of the Ardor platform on their official website in the “Timeline” tab or by clicking on the link (www. ardorplatform. org/Ardor-Timeline).

Prospects cryptocurrency Ardor

Ardor is not the only ecosystem for business in the market of blockchain projects, on our site we have already been doing reviews of several similar projects this is Aragon and Walton. But despite the strong competition of blockchain ecosystems for business, Ardor really has every chance to “bite off” a part of the market. The last 50 days of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, will be determining for the project, if it can shoot, the business would pay attention to it, if the breakthrough does not happen, then most likely Ardor leave the face of cryptoworld.

Where to buy cryptocurrency Ardor

As of mid-November 2017, 85% of trades cryptocurrency Ardor (ARDR) occurs on the exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex, only these two resources, we can recommend you to buy tokens Ardor. 

Chart and Price Ardor (ARDR) 

We present to your attention the Ardor chart, which depicts the ARDR rate to the dollar.


This is the review cryptocurrency Ardor, do not know how you, but we will allocate 50 dollars to buy a few hundred tokens ardr. On this investment note, we will finish our review. If you liked the article, make it a repost on social networks. Waiting for new meetings.